Website’s name “cccaprf” is taken from CCC and APRF. The first group (CCC) is Commission of Vincentian Charim and Culture, whereas the second one (APRF) is Asia Pacific Regional Formators. Both groups are founded by the APVC (Asia Pacific Visitors Conference). Members of APRF are all of Vincentian formators in Asia Pacific, whereas those of CCC are

1) Armada Riyanto CM (Indonesia/chair),
2) Dany Pilario CM (Philippines/ co-chair),
3) Charles Pan CM (Cina-Taiwan),
4) Paul Bharati CM (India South),
5) Aplinar Senapati CM (India North), and
6) Greg Brett CM (Australia).

With this web the CCC would like to disseminate throughout the world fruits of researches done by confreres and studies produced in the Asia Pacific meetings of CCC-APRF as materials necessary for contextualization and inculturation of Vincentian formation and charism in Asia Pacific.

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