1. Higher level of social consciousness through reflections sessions, fora, researches etc.
  2. Practical engagements in socio-political activities and mobilizations
  3. Encourage research in actual social and political issues.



  1. Exposure program to interreligious context (especially for deacons).
  2. Encourage students to undergo a year of exposure to foreign mission (Thailand, Cambodia, etc) or in other provinces (India, Indonesia, etc.)



  1. Introduce symbols and practices of other religions to our cultic and prayer life in the seminary.
  2. Formation of Spiritual directors and other formators on interreligious dialogue.
  3. Make available for spiritual reading of students the rich spiritual-narrative resources of other religions.
  4. Invite as retreat masters priest-expert on interreligious dialogue for priests and seminarians



  1. Strengthen interreligious consciousness through curricular courses, fora, ect.
  2. Encourage research on interreligious dialogue.
  3. Make available reading materials (books and journals) on interreligious dialogue.
  4. Invite professors on oriental philosophy and religion to teach at St. Vincent School of Theology.
  5. Encourage future or prospective professors to have a graduate study on oriental philosophy and religion.
  6. Provide our seminarians with academic courses on interreligious dialogue, comparative religion, world religions, religion & politics, religion & society
  7. Arrange immersion programs so that our seminarians may experience some direct contact with people of other religions, and understand their religious beliefs and practices
  8. Immersion programs should be followed up with proper accompaniment and theological reflection
  9. Invite competent Muslims, Hindus, people of other religions to explain their religion to our seminarians

10.  Make use of websites so as to gain knowledge and share knowledge on interreligious dialogue


Inter-provincial level:

  1. Arrange immersion programs for our seminarians in other countries
  2. Have an exchange student program with other countries; also, exchange of professors.
  3. Establish an International House of Formation



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