[Papers of Gopalpur are those papers presented in the second joint meeting of the CCC and APRF in Gopalpur, Orisa, India 2009. Papers are dedicated to the theme of Interreligious dialogue and Vincentian Formation in Asia Pacific. All papers owned by the CCC-APRF meeting are already published in a book, Interreligious Dialogue and Formation (edited by Armada Riyanto CM), CCC & Widya Sasana Publication, Malang-Indonesia 2010.] 

“The truth is that interreligious contacts, together with ecumenical dialogue, now seem to be obligatory paths, in order to ensure that the many painful wounds inflicted over the course of centuries will not be repeated, and indeed that any such wounds still remaining will soon be healed” (John Paul II, Rome, November 13, 1992).

With such a belief of John Paul II that “interreligious dialogue is obligatory path” the Vincentian Formators of Asia Pacific gathered together in Gopalpur-on-sea, Orissa, India to journey two weeks of reflection and sharing on interreligious dialogue and formation. This book is fruit of collaboration of the Vincentian formators and the members of CCC (Commission of Vincentian Charism and Culture in Asia Pacific), the Daughters of Charity, and other branches of the Vincentian Family with special and inspiring contribution from Rev. Father Subhash Anand, a prominent philosopher/theologian and expert on Hindu. It contains study, sharing from the delegates, homily, recommendation, and report of the meeting.

The gathering of February 2009 in Gopalpur-on-sea was a blessing for each one of the participants. Not just about realm of interreligious dialogue we saw, we also respired fragrance of the beauty of living together of the people of faiths in India.

It was called the joint meeting of the CCC and APRF (Asia Pacific Regional Formators). We are deeply convinced that the joint meeting has become a beautiful opportunity for each one of us as formators. The joint meeting has indeed become providentially a sort of “ongoing formation”. It is not only an occasion of study and reflection but also a beautiful moment to cultivate COLLABORATION and SPIRIT OF TOGETHERNESS among formators in Asia Pacific.

Armada Riyanto CM
chairman of CCC / editor


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